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* I can attach a hanger to turn any egg into a hanging ornament

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If you wish your egg(s) personalized, click in the boxes below and enter information you wish written on egg or egg stand. You may choose personalization on eggs and/or egg stands. Indicate your preferences in the two boxes below.
Space limitions:
on egg: up to 10 words.
on egg stand: up to 40 characters and spaces

You may type Personalization and any other comments in the boxes below.

Please note, personalization will be on back of egg unless you request otherwise. Personalization on egg is not appropriate where design continues around back of egg. I will contact you if this is the case. 

For personalization on the EGG(s) please enter info in the box below:
If ordering multiple eggs, please be specific, such as "On the Garden egg, put _______"

For personalization on the EGG STAND(s) please enter info in the box below:
If ordering multiple eggs, please be specific, such as "On the Garden egg stand, put _______"

If you wish me to turn the egg(s) into a HANGING ORNAMENT, please indicate that preference in the box below. This means I'll screw a small brass hookeye into the top of the egg (see photo at left).

If your egg is a gift, click in box below and enter exact message you wish
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name to appear on the card. (e.g. "Love, Aunt Rose and Uncle Mark")

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Prices shown on my website include shipping to the continental U.S.

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