Here are some of the nice things my customers have written. All quotes used by permission of the senders.
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your own testimonial by email
Alan, Just wanted to let you know that the other to eggs arrived and they are amazing. Thank you so much for all the work you did on them. They turned out fantastic.
The following note came from a patron who commissioned a special custom egg for his wife:

The egg arrived yesterday and I waited until after supper to give it to Marilyn.
She was really excited and moved to tears.....it really is beautiful.....you did a wonderful interpretation.......
We hope to see you at one of your shows this upcoming season.
Thank you again,

Thank you Alan......you are a true and very different artist....please, stay healthy and keep up the good work...
John in Florida
Just got the Santa on the chimney egg!  Even better than the picture.  was going to keep it for a gift for next year but decided to keep it for me!  I love it.

Merry Christmas.

Karen in Minnesota

Collector Kelly Richards wrote the nice note below after receiving her custom egg, inspired by a photo she herself took on a trip to Ireland. (Photo shows three views of one egg.)
Totally gorgeous Alan.  Couldn’t be any happier.  Thanks again for another beautiful egg.

Finally had an opportunity to open the box.........it is better than I imagined it would be.......you are a true and gifted artist.......
Many thanks for the great packaging and very colorful (holiday) shipping label....

John in Florida

A longtime collector had just received her custom "Monet Water Lilies" egg and sent this lovely note:

Hi!  The Monet has arrived and it truly is more beautiful "live."  Thanks so much for your continued superb work!

Grethe A.
Bloomington, IL

Alan, thanks so much for the beautiful Sept 11 Memorial egg.
Susan H.
Orcutt, CA

I received the very nice email below in May 2011. The blank spaces are to preserve a surprise for the gift recipients.

The _________  egg arrived today, and I am extremely happy in both the quality and presentation. It will make a wonderful gift for ___________. (The gift card is well done as well, not to mention the quick shipping).
You have a very satisfied customer!
Thank you,
John _______

Thanks so much for your prompt service! I received the Pink Angel Egg with the Confirmation Prayer and the recipient was delighted with it. Not your everyday gift!!!!
Toni H.
St. Peters, MO

April 2011 - Rita had just received the "Eye Candy" faux chocolate design.

Hi, Alan!  I received the egg and love it dearly.     I placed it in my display cabinet along with all my other eggs and it looks fabulous and very much at home.  It is my only " chocolate " egg.  I showed it to my best friend who is an avid chocoholic and she thought it was equally delicious looking!!
Thank you for sharing the talent God gave you with so many others by giving us such large amounts of happiness in such small packages.  You are a blessing.  Celebrate it!
Wishing you all the blessings of this amazing Easter season!
Thanks so much!
Rita Celejewski
Melbourne, FL

Thanks so much for creating all of your lovely pieces.  I have a number of them now, and they make me smile every time I look at them!
Lori C.
Ocala, FL

Eggs arrived today...they look AWESOME!!!!!
Thanks so much again and if I can get pics of my dog they will be sent shortly too for a special egg for my hubby!

(name withheld in case her husband reads this!)

In August 2010 I announced that I am once again doing Custom Eggs. (click here for details)  
After receiving his SECOND custom egg, Bill Fales wrote this:

Hi Alan,   Received my egg....  All I can say is  "OH MY GOD"  It is more than I had hoped for. ... I love it.   You couldn't know how much it means to me.  Please put us on the list for another custom egg..... Also I'm making an oak shelf for our eggs and I will send you a picture when its done.
Thanks again for my beautiful egg
Bill (and Lisa) Fales
Old Bridge, N.J.

Here are comments from one pleased collector who commissioned a custom egg for his sister:

Hey Eggman
The egg was perfect in every way and brought tears to my sister!!! Absolutely awesome work and thanks so much!!!
Clay Smith
Ft Worth, TX

Monet's Bouquet arrived yesterday afternoon.  It is absolutely beautiful!  It is a gift for a friend from Dubai whom I met her several years ago while she was visiting her daughter here in Houston and we have kept in contact since.  She is visiting again to spend time with her new grandson.  So, if you are charting the travels of your creations, you can add Dubai, where she lives, to your list.  It probably will eventually make it back to their home country of India when her husband retires.

Thank you once again for exceeding my expectations!

Sharon Colbert
Kingwood, TX

Thanks as always!  When I get stumped on a gift all I have to do is visit your page!

-Rhonda Jackson, Hunt Valley, MD
major Egg Man collector and self-proclaimed Egg-aholic

Alan, Happy New Year and Thank you for your prompt service and the beautiful egg.  I ordered my daughter the twins egg and she was surprised and loved it.  The twins were 3 and she had wanted the egg for some time, but I was always forgetting and this year I really had her believing I'd done it again.  It was beautiful and we will see you for sure at Lindberg High School next year and Thanks Again for a wonderful job and your wonderful service .
Linda Chartrau, St. Charles, MO

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Hello Alan,
I received my order yesterday. I am absolutely thrilled and so impressed with your work. They are beautiful. You are truly talented and I am hooked. My eggs are perfect and my gift one is going to be lucky if I give it away. I am going to be buying some more eggs in the future. Also, I love your web-site and that you share (like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade) pictures and stories. You just make life fun sometimes. 
Gayla in Peoria, IL

My wife and I were in Orlando a few months ago and had the privilege to meet you at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. I purchased one of your eggs to give to my sister as a birthday gift. I am glad to tell you that the egg was a huge hit. As not only does she do egg art, but has a doctorate in music. The egg I gave her was the keyboard and roses. Your work is exceptional. Thank you so much for what you do, it made my sisters day.
Steve and Tamara Wheeler
Phoenix Az.

We enjoy the eggs we have so much.  When people have visited I tell them that they are "go back" eggs, as I'm always going back for another look at them!

-Phillip Hurd,
Island of St. Kitts, the Caribb

Bill and Lisa Fales were the winning bidders in an auction, and they won a custom Egg Man Egg. Read the full story by clicking here. After receiving their one-of-a-kind egg, they wrote me the lovely note below:

Hi Alan,
We love the article & pictures on your site about our egg.  We could not wait to show it to our families. The egg is truly one of our most treasured possessions. We have it on a table in the living room were we can see it all the time and the first thing you see when you enter the house. I can't express how much it means to us and Thank you again for the beautiful Egg.
We will be ordering a few eggs soon.
Thanks for everything
Lisa & Bill Fales
Old Bridge, New Jersey

Dear Allan, just wanted to drop a note to let you know that the Baby Feet Egg arrived safely, and is absolutely gorgeous so many compliments's on such a wonderful idea & talent, as always' we continue to be very pleased with all our placed orders, look forward to seeing you this summer again in Disney & New Jersey Shore, Many Blessings for you and your loved one's.
Ana & Jose
New Jersey

Just to let you know that the Waterfall egg arrived - in perfect condition, as usual. And, as usual, it is gorgeous. I love it.

Again, thank you for the marvelous eggs you create. You bring joy to many people.

Judi Donohue
St. Louis, MO

Hi Alan !!!

I just wanted to let you know that I received my eggs order yesterday. I am
more than pleased with all of the eggs. They are absolutely gorgeous !!!
The egg with the personalized card that I requested is
fantastic !!! This is going to be a Christmas present for (name withheld...it's a secret!)

I knew I would be happy with them since I have two already -- one is the
Dolphins with the sun filtering through the water, and the other one I have
is Pink with birthday candles on them, both of which were given to me last
year for my birthday. My sister had the birthday candles one personalized.
She had purchased both of these when you were at Epcot in 2006 during the
Flower Festival. But as I said above, these are absolutely gorgeous !!!!
(and incredible).

I will be placing another order today or tomorrow, if I would just make up
my mind on which ones. I can't wait to see the Four Seasons one in

Thanks Again for such wonderful designs !!!


JoAnn Zeldenthuis
Oklahoma City, OK

 After ordering his SEVENTH Baby Feet Gift Egg, Doug Jones wrote:

Everyone I've sent them to has commented on their uniqueness and love them. They are long lasting tokens of friendship and celebration of a new life.

--Doug Jones
West Olive, MI

I received my eggs a couple days ago.
I bought 2 baby feet one's for my new grandgirls
for their 1st Easter. I am glad I hung onto your business card
for so long. What a great gift for new babies.

I have showed them to co-workers and friends.
The people have loved them. I gave your website
address and cards to those folks.

I hope they find something they like and get a
unique gift for someone ( or themselves) as I did.

I have no doubt these baby's eggs will be treasued for MANY years.

Thanks, EggMan :o)
~Rayanne in IL

My husband and I met you in Disney in Florida, the week before Christmas. He purchased the Covered Bridge Egg for me. It is absolutely beautiful, and I have had many admirers. I remember you telling me to "act surprised on Christmas" because I was with him when he purchased it. Again, thank you for such a beautiful piece of art! I display it over my fireplace, on the mantel. My daughter will be having her third child this week, so I plan on buying the egg with the babies feet, as soon as we have all the info on him..

Barbara Meier
Coxsackie, NY

I wanted to thank you so much for my egg. I loved it. the picture that you had on the web page didnt do it justice. The color is such a pretty turqoise color. And it got here so quick. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

Valdosta, GA

Hi Alan, Just wanted to drop a note to say Thank you, we're so happy that we decided to use your masterpieces as Christmas Gifts, everyone was thrilled with their gifts, everyone received their Eggs in perfect time as always', Well many Blessings for you and your Loved one's, As always' very appreciative.

Elizabeth, NJ

(Michelle made the following comments on the order form as she ordered a Baby Feet egg as a gift)

My sister ordered this same egg for me upon the arrival of my youngest child. I love it! It is one of my favorite gifts received! She saw you out at Disney.

Orlando, FL

Amazing Service.
I placed an order late Tuesday morning, you confirmed the order the same day, and the package arrives Thursday.
All three items are in great shape and the personalization of my one purchase turned out wonderful.
Many thanks,

John, Harrisburg, PA. (scroll down for John's comments on his Precious Earth egg, June 2005.)

Hi Alan,
Just wanted to let you know that my Best Friend in Puerto Rico received the Halloween Egg that I had ordered from you, It is breathtaking she was fascinated by the painting, We are so Happy that we came across your Masterpieces in Disney World. We have decided to use your pieces for Xmas and for our Wedding Favors, Once again Thank you Very much.

Blessings From:

Ana & Jose
Elizabeth, NJ

Hi Alan.

The Chai and Menorah eggs came in yesterday's mail and they are gorgeous! Thank you so much.

I'll be seeing you.
H. Moore
Cocoa, FL


Just wanted to tell you we now live NC and miss seeing you at MT Dora. We both are glad we can still order from your web site. I just placed an order on your new eggs about five minutes ago.

Hope you stay at your craft as long as health allows. None better out there.

Thanks again,

Ray & Sue Barrett
New Bern,NC

Hi Alan,
Your work is terrific! It is unique and spectacular. I am doing Christmas shopping as well as choosing my own favorites. My daughter and I first discovered your creative eggs nine or ten years ago when you had a show at Dixie Landings. Last spring, we were at Disney World and rediscovered your magnificent eggs outside EPCOT's American Adventure. We purchased several of them. My favorite was the Mesa Verde egg. After we returned home, an egg with three Indian women kept calling my name. I e-mailed you and luckily you still had it. In your current collection, I am still eyeing two or three more. I may become an addict! Thank you so much for designing such spectacular art work.
Jane Reardon, Bothell, WA.

Hello. I bought an egg for the birth of my twin grandbabies. My daughter in law says she has it displayed where everyone that enters her home can see. She says it is the most unique baby gift they received for the children and everyone that enters her home agrees. We are very pleased with our purchase and will be buying more in the future. Thanks

Kathryn, Orlando, FL

I saw your work at Epcot at Christmas time 2005. I fell in love with this egg ("Baby Feet"), so as soon as my new nephew was born I jumped on your web site to order this jem for my newest love. Thank you for sharing you talents with others to enjoy and cherish for years to come!!

---Lisa Le, Altamonte Springs, FL

Hi Alan, thanks ever so much for your ever so prompt service as to my order. I'm always leery of ordering on-line. This experience, however, has been very personal and almost as good as in person or by phone. I am sure I will be more than pleased with my egg if it is of the exceptional talent I saw at Epcot (I'm sure it will be). I've carried around your little information papers since May, and am so proud that I actually found them in time for a Christmas present.

I'm excited about receiving my order. Thanks for the personal attention.


My Wedding Egg arrived yesterday.
It is even more beautiful than I expected.
Thank you very much.

Marlborough, MA

Alan, The Egg Man

We just wanted to give you an update on our collection of your wonderful art. We opened our home for the recent St. Louis Downtown Living Loft Tour and many people commented about our egg collection. We were asked how many we have, and since we have been collecting for years, I decided to count them. Our "seasonal" eggs include; 6 spring floral designs, 9 Easter designs, 6 summer floral designs, 6 autumn harvest designs, 10 Halloween designs, 14 Christmas designs plus 3 that are hung on our Christmas tree. We have 100 eggs that are on display year round.

Our total collection now stands at 155, and we look forward to adding more.

Dean Schmidt and Bruce Conley
St. Louis, Mo.

My globe egg arrived safely in Harrisburg.
It is even move impressive to see it in person and it has a lot of subtle detail that I didn't really pick up on from the picture on the website. I now have a better understanding of how difficult this design can be to produce.
It ranks pretty high as one of the more unique globes in my collection.
My heartfelt thanks for your assistance.

Harrisburg, PA

(Theresa had just purchased a selection from my website to give as a gift, so I can't tell you what it was!)

 We met you at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show, this past April. We enjoyed your eggs very much. I plan on giving them to alot more people, they make great gifts. Thank you for making such a beautifull product.

Theresa Tranghese
Wilbraham, MA

You have a great product Alan. They are beautiful. I'm sure we'll be ordering again for other occasions.

--Doug Jones
West Olive, MI

I saw your display when I was at Epcot in March. I purchased an egg for my
parents, they and everyone who sees it just loves it. Then I was surprised
with one for my birthday, from my daughter. The workmanship is just
beautiful. I hope to be able to start a collection of these.
B. Knoeck -
Rhinelander, WI

Hi Alan, thank you so much for all your help. I must say - your customer service is outstanding. I am so impressed that you called long distance, and went to so much trouble to help me find what I wanted. No wonder your business is doing so well.
Thanks again for everything. I'll let you know when it arrives.
Judy Pouley
Oak Forest, IL


Thank you for the confirmation. I've done a lot of purchasing from the internet, and this has been the most pleasant experience, yet. Your customer service has been excellent, and I look forward to future transactions with you.

Wishing you nothing but continued success,

Joe Ciccone
Plainsboro, NJ

I received the egg today. It's just beautiful! What a fine artist you are. It's a nice addition to my growing number of your eggs. I will gather them all together sometime and take a picture. Keep on painting and I'll keep on enjoying them.

Regards from both of us.
Kelly and Charley Richards, Indialantic, F

Hi Allen as usual when someone gets married I think of you.

--Linda Myers, Deltona, FL
on ordering her FIFTH "Bridal Path" egg as a wedding gift. When Linda gets a wedding invitation in the mail, she simply goes online and orders from TheEggMan!

 I am from Atlanta and, while I was at Café Tutu Tango in Orlando, I saw your exhibit and was very much intrigued.
--Drew in Atlanta

Hi Alan!
I received the egg over the weekend - it's beautiful!!! I know my parents
will love it! Thanks again!

--Andrea in Michigan

Dear Mr. Alan,
I received the penguin eggs today and they look great! Thank you so much for my order!

Melissa B

Bossier City, LA

I came across your website showing your handpainted eggs and was just amazed at your work. I looked at every one of them and marked your website for my favorite places. I continue to be amazed at your work on your website. I sent the URL to all my friends and family, asking them to look and prepare to be stunned at what they saw. I hope you'll get some orders from some of them! I love your work and like so many others appreciate your sharing your talent with all of us just to bring joy into our lives. I hope at some point to purchase one of the wedding eggs for a granddaughter who will be married this summer. I'll look forward to receiving your updates whenever you send them out.

With my very best wishes -

Mariane Holbrook
Kure Beach, NC

And sometime later Mariane wrote:
Alan, the tulip egg just arrived and I'm just STUNNED by its beauty! Thank
you thank you thank you thank you!

Wow! I swear it's made of glass.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wonderful eggs with me. I love egg art of all sorts. Right now I am doing my own egg art unlike any I have seen so far on all of the sites I have been to. Yours is the first I have seen with painted wooden eggs. You do good work. Thanks again
M. Moor

What beautiful eggs you do! They are so inspiring. I like your gift box too. Do you make those or do you have a supplier for them? They look special made. Great web site!
Ola from North Carolina

(Note from TheEggMan: My beautiful gift boxes are a custom design which I have manufactured by Hope/Buffinton Packaging Group in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Contact Doug Yates - PHONE: 401 725-3646, EMAIL: doug@H-BPackaging.com Tell him TheEggMan sent you!)

I just received my Red Rose egg. WOW! I am speechless...it is absolutely beautiful. THANKS!
Jamie David
Silver Spring, MD

Hello Alan,

Thank you for responding so promptly to my order. I think your art work is
beautiful, and the friends that I have given them to think so as well. It's
wonderful to give something that is created by someone locally, I think it
makes it even more precious. I have seen your artwork on Park Ave (in Winter Park, FL). Thank you again, and I look forward to my next purchase.

Sonia McClain, Winter Park, FL

Hi Alan,
Your beautiful artwork arrived today. Both eggs are wonderful. You have done a wonderful job on both of your creations and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your talent exceeds my ability to express my thoughts about your work adequately. Thank you again for all your time and patience with me. I'm sure I'll be back for more in the future and hopefully will catch your show locally in November.

Cece Braun, St Louis, MO

I was at your show in St. Louis a few years ago and saw eggs that were painted in bright colors with jazz musicians on one egg and jazz instuments on another. I didn't pick them up. I then saw them on your website last year. I still didn't pick them up. Now I wish I had acted sooner.
Do you have any plans on painting these again? I check your website about twice a month and will be at both your St. Louis shows in November.
My only vice is your eggs. I just can't seem to get enough.
I have 25 of your eggs, and just ordered three from your website today.

--Sabrina, St. Louis, MO.

TheEggMan says: Unfortunately, she missed the jazz eggs. I wrote and told her I couldn't tell her when I might repeat those designs, but I've placed her on my Waiting List, so I will notify her if and when I do paint some more.

Alan, I just today received the easter bunny egg that I ordered from you. I liked it so much I decided to order your Bridal Path egg as a wedding gift! This could get to be a habit.

Thanks, Marcia L., St Louis, MO

Just to say hi from England my family & I stood watching you at Epcot over Easter, we were totally transfixed on your eggs. What a wonderful talent you have. Do you accept orders from England?

I have enjoyed you website and looking through all your designs.

--Heather Herbert, England

TheEggMan says: By the way, I certainly DO accept orders from all over the world, as long as customers use MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.

hi alan! got my eggs today! fantastic, beautifull, extremely happy to add them to my collection! this is the first time i've purchased eggs from you and i've been watching for your new ones to come out....and when they did i had to have at least 4 of them. couldn't make up my mind so i bought all four that i liked best! they are certainly beautiful and you are extremely talented! i have to say that i searched over the eggs to make sure they weren't decoupaged on there or something because they were painted sooo nice. but you got me...they are for real!!! beautiful and talented job alan... keep up the great work!!

cathy b., glen burnie, md.

 Dear Alan,

I would like to extend my abundant thanks for the order I placed and received
so quickly! Alan, the Penguin Family is absolutely charming and represents
perfectly the family who will receive this gift. I could not refrain from smiling all the while I admired your work. I cannot wait to watch them open this decorative gift and add to their already beautiful collection of crafted eggs.

I wish you the best of fortune as you continue your work. It is apparent you
have a natural talent which I have not seen in the competition. It was a
pleasure doing business with you, it was a personal experience. I foresee
many opportunities to work with you again. Thank you for taking the time to
meet my needs. God bless you for blessing me!

All my best,
Rebecca Richard
San Diego, CA

Sent you an order for the Married couple egg as an anniversary gift for my wife. Huge surprise to my wife the egg is perfect very very nice, thanks for the fast shipping
and the nice HIGH quality work.

I have no less that 75 eggs from all over the world China, Russia, other
Russian states, I would put the quality of your workmanship as right on the top of the list.

Bruce Swank
Wyoming Michigan

....I have been lucky enough to receive several of your eggs as gifts. I love everyone of them. I got married last April and was so happy to receive a personalized "wedding" egg from one of the other secretaries at school. The legacy lives on! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

-- Amy Moore, Elgin, IL 

I have previously purchased your beautiful eggs as gifts at the South Florida Fairgrounds Craft Fair. The uniqueness, the themes, the beauty of your eggs make a wonderful and well received gift.

-B.F., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

 We have four of your beautiful eggs that we have purchased at different times when we have seen you in Disney through the years. Our two "flag" eggs are permantly on display in our 4th of July area in our house (We were married on the 4th of July - the Bicentennial). Our other two eggs are Christmas scenes that are also never put away. They are always displayed in our china cabinet. People that have seen your (our) eggs in our home always can't believe the beauty, details and design. We look forward to seeing you during Memorial Day Weekend in Disney at "Old Key West". According to your schedule you will be there and so will we. We always look forward to going to Disney and seeing if the "eggman" will be there when we are visting.

Joni & Brian McAlpin, St Petersburg, FL


Mary Keene Mulconrey - Ft. Myers, FL

I first saw your eggs this past March at The Grand Floridian at Disney in Orlando.

I just fell in love with them ALL! You had a booth set up just outside of the gift shop and the eggs were also available in the gift shop. I bought several for gifts and regret that I did not buy more for gifts or for myself.

I was going through my brief case and found your card in the side pocket with your web address and I was just thrilled! I ordered just one egg today for a friend whose birthday is coming up. She collects rabbits so I picked a beautiful egg from your Easter collection.

I have one of the floral designs in my home and have received so many compliments on it. It is beautiful! Everyone always asks where I found such a beautiful egg!

You are truly talented and the eggs are a joy to have!

L. Whitley, Atlanta, GA

A lady I work with came back from Florida with one of your eggs. It had tulips and was just beautiful!

--A. D., Carbondale, IL

Dear Alan,
I have had the pleasure to watch you work and view your extensive collection. Each egg is exquisitely hand painted. Choosing a piece of your art is difficult at best. They are all so lovely. It does not surprise me people have chosen to make a "collection" of these beauties.
Your web site could never do justice to quality of your workmanship. For anyone not familar with your work, I can only advise that they would not be disappointed with their purchase.

Trish Squire

New Jersey

Alan, I've said it before but now I want to say it for everyone to read!
"You are a very talented genius"! I love your eggs. I now have over 110 (that's one hundred ten)! I'm one happy collector. You are truly a master!
Debbi Rhoads, Denver, Colorado (LePeep Grills, Inc.)

"Keep up the good work... I have bought 5 of your eggs now and intend to keep checking your selection. I purchased the Star Over Bethlehem for my Mom...it is beautiful. There is no other EggMan like the genuine EggMan...Alan Traynor..."
---Tricia Rotman - Thornton, Colorado

At a later date, Tricia wrote:

"I just received my husband's Lighthouse egg in the mail and it is georgeous!!!! I love it...what a lovely job you did thank you! Also...the little enclosed card that you had made up for me was quite an impressive touch when I opened it up and was greeted with the message I had transcribed to you. It was perfect. I'm so glad I made the purchase. Your web site really does not do justice to your high quality workmanship. Now I am disappointed that I will not get to see my Dad's egg until I visit him in Kansas. However, I am fully convinced that he will LOVE it!!!"
--- Tricia Rotman - Thornton, Colorado

Again...thank you for your creative way of capturing the little things in life on a simple silly "ole egg!!

---Tricia Rotman

 Several years ago I got an original EggMan egg for Christmas. It was
absolutely the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Since then I've always
looked forward to Christmas and the "hints" I've dropped to discover
which new egg my significant other would get me this time. Imagine my
surprise when Halloween rolled around and I got my first jack-o-lantern
egg! Last year I bought my Mom the Penguin Family, which she felt
reflected our family.

They say the egg is natures most perfect shape. Combining it with the
perfection of the EggMan's artistic talent is a brilliant concept.

Thanks for all the smiles, sighs and tears of joy.

Winter Garden, FL

Linda Myers of Deltona, FL, wrote the following after ordering her THIRD Bridal Egg as a wedding gift:

My 9 year old son had a choice in (Disney's) Dixie Landings General Store to pick a keepsake out. He chose one of your eggs. At this age he told me he wanted to start a collection to pass onto his children. My other boys picked guns which are long since forgotten. He really loves your eggs!

---R. Wright, Easton, PA

You certainly made my day - the "Wild Bill Hickock" egg is truly one-of-a-kind - the website didn't do it justice. Not sure I'll be able to wait til Christmas - I want to show everyone now!......thanks again Alan - your work brings a lot of smiles to this household!

--Diane Heath, Affton, MO.



Received my Millennium Eggs yesterday, thank you. I was showing them to my
assistant and the next thing I knew everyone wanted to know where I got them
so I must have given your website out to about a dozen people yesterday.

I just love your work, you'll be hearing from me again.

Jane Campanella

I purchased my first egg from you yesterday at the Downtown Disney Christmas Shop. I was very impressed with the workmanship put into each egg.

Please put me on your Internet mailing list.


Kim S.

P.S. I am a current Disney cast member and have been for 13 years.

I love what you are doing with the wooden eggs. I am amazed with the large number of designs you have.

--- A.S.H., Jackson, MS

We have never met you but you know my wife's mother, Vicki Cohen. You
painted a wedding egg for us about three years ago. We just wanted you to
know it is proudly displayed in our living room and we receive many
compliments about it. My wife and I were just talking about having to make a
trip to Orlando to purchase another egg to add to our collection. We just
put out our Halloween egg and that is what reminded us of you. Again, thank
you for the one of a kind wedding egg.

Scott and Shannon Summers

TheEggMan says: Back when I was accepting custom orders several years ago, I painted a special large "goose" size wooden egg for Scott and Shannon as a wedding cake-topper.

Just a note to say I think your work is fantastic, beautiful, amazing.

I am a grandmother who is just really having time to discover and try to acquire some art skills. I am having fun trying out many different media.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful skills.

Bonnie Hoffert

I find your eggs to be absolutely amazing. The detail is wonderful. I've bought two and plan to buy more and give them as gifts.

--Cindi Rasmussen, WinterPark, FL

I was searching for easter art ideas for a class I'm teaching to children. I just love your designs, never thought about painting them like you have.I don't think the kids will be able to do this much, but, at least they can understand the concept of design. Thanks for a great view.

Toele, UT

Oct. 2001: Saw your exhibit in January (at Disney) - just purchased and received my egg -

forgot how beautiful they really are...wonderful work!

--Lynn from Rhode Island

I was just in Disney and bought two of your eggs. We have gotten so many compliments about them. There are very unique.
Renee Fitzmartin

Lynbrook, NY

I saw your work at Disney World in Sept. of 2000. I was amazed at the detail of your paintings. I was so impressed, I took your brochure and gave it to everyone I know who appreciates true art.

Laurie Lavin, Lenoxville, PA

We first saw your fine work at the Festival of Trees in Orlando. Then yesterday we were at Disney's Village and foud you in the Christmas Store to our pleasant surprise. We purchased many of your tiny treasures and you gave us a little paper about your website. Thank you and I WILL be back to visit/purchase again.

C. Kraatz, Orlando

I met you at Disney World a few years ago and purchased an egg there and a couple of eggs by mail a year later. I found your address in my drawer and decided to look you up on the internet.What a nice surprise.

Margaret Fescina

Huntington NY

I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work. I gave all of the eggs I purchased as gifts to my family and everyone loved them tremendously! I was told that they were the most special and meaningful gifts they could ever receive. Thanks to you!!


N. Vigue

Medway, MA

I am so glad you are painting. You have a gifted talent and I am glad I was able to meet you at Disney's Dixie Landing a few years ago. I will treasure your eggs for many years as well as give them as gifts for friends to enjoy.

Thanks Again,

T. Smith

Columbus, OH

Mr. EGGMAN,we have a nice collection of your eggs and display them
proudly! We Loved the American Flag eggs we received for Christmas. Your
work is done with pride and perfection and it shows! You have a wonderful
variety of eggs- something for everyone!

Cathy & Dean Carpenter

Atlanta, GA

I actually had the honor of seeing you work at a cafe in Orlando, FL, where there was a art class for members of the Farm Credit Services of America sessions. Purchased two eggs and just love them. The quaility is outstanding and make unique gifts.

What makes the Egg Man's solid wood egg so special is that they are all a little different, so they make an excellent gift and don't cost a fortune to mail to others, on special occasions. I truly feel that your eggs are also affordable enough to make a collection out of.
Can't wait until you add more to your collection.

Kathy Limberg, South Dakota

My brother purchased me 3 eggs. ( Penguins ). They are so cute. I am a collector and this made a wonderful addition. Still looking for some more. I have eggs from all over the world. Just want to let you know you do fine work. I'm very happy with the quality and price of your eggs.

New York State
I am an eggman like yourself! I am inspired by your work!
Its amazing!!!!!! Eggs are so human 

-Emma Eggman
London, England

Dear Mr. Traynor:

Ever since I first saw your display of beautifully hand-painted eggs 4 years ago at the Lindbergh High School craft fair, I have been hooked. To date, I have 8 of them and just ordered 2 more. My favorite themes are the florals, nature scenes, and the religious nativity scenes (I have one). Just purchased the Mission in the Moonlight and Leaf Motif on Green. Guess I have become an Eggman egg collector. They are exquisite!! I collect a few other types of figurines but your eggs are my favorite. Have even purchased a few for family members.

Eggs are the symbol of creativity and yours are among the best.

Linda Walker
St. Louis, MO

I was in Orlando, FL on business and we ate at the TU TU Tango Restaurant and saw you in person. I was very impressed with your work. I hope that you will at sometime come to Arizona for a show.

Dottie Fields
Chandler, Arizona

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