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The above provided by my friend Audrey Monahan,
who shares my admiration for the Bird of Avon. 

I have been asked if this is a picture of me in my youth.
Certainly not! I would NEVER wear shoes like that!



I'm saving my money to buy my Dream Wheels! 

This architectural wonder is in Moscow, Russia.

One of my collectors sent me this photo, asking if I lived here!!

a poem
by Ogden Nash

Let's think of eggs.
They have no legs.
Chickens come from eggs
But they have legs.
The plot thickens;
Eggs come from chickens,
But have no legs under 'em.
What a conundrum!


  Jackie and Dodie wore these lovely Holiday ensembles at the 2003 Parkway Show in St Louis.

  My Spring Nymphs - at the Affton Show in St Louis, March 2005
  And at the Lindbergh Show in St Louis, April 2009, Jackie and Dodie were a vision in feathers and...YES, those are EGGS in their hats and boas!


Photo at left is from the October, 2008, issue of VOGUE MAGAZINE!

Now EVERYBODY will be wearing them!!


Gee, do you think I could have started a national fashion craze?? Click here for evidence!


Who is this woman?
A friend at Epcot showed me this photo, asking if it was a picture of my mother!! No, but I have to admire this lady's taste in headwear!! (And this photo has NOT been digitally altered!)

(another argument for wooden eggs!)

A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked.
Or sometimes a little scrambled!

An egg today is better than a hen tomorrow.

It's safer under a chicken!


Crazy friends Bruce Conley (l.) and Dean Schmidt showed up at one of our shows
in their own chicken hats!

Honestly, some people will put ANYTHING on their head!

For more of Dean and Bruce in outrageous headgear, CLICK HERE!



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