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I'm happy to announce a new
Buy-Back Program by The Egg Man

For any number of reasons, some of you may have Egg Man Eggs you no longer need to own.  Perhaps you wish to make room in your collection for new designs. Perhaps a loved one with a collection of Egg Man Eggs has passed, and you have no place for their collection.   Or you just need to "empty your nest."

Whatever the reason (and with no questions asked) I am happy to BUY BACK your  Egg Man Eggs for the price of $15.00 each.  Boxes and Egg Stands are welcome, but not required.  You simply pack them up and ship them to me, or bring them to me at a show, and I'll pay you $15.00 per egg.  There is no limit as to quantity.

How's that for a deal?


  red_arrow_right_copy.gifNOT included in this offer:

  red_arrow_right_copy.gif  Certain CUSTOM EGGS (eggs commissioned from your idea or photo) depending on subject matter.  Custom eggs will be considered on a case by case basis.  Send me a photo if you are unsure.
   red_arrow_right_copy.gif SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE DESIGNS (such as Millennium Egg, Lewis and Clark Commemorative Egg, 9/11 Memorial Egg, etc.)
   red_arrow_right_copy.gif FLORAL DESIGNS (eggs with flowers or foliage such as bamboo, and nothing else)
   red_arrow_right_copy.gif HAPPY FACE BALLS
   red_arrow_right_copy.gif JACK-O-LANTERNS
   red_arrow_right_copy.gif Eggs PERSONALIZED on the egg with names and/or dates

The "Penguin Family - Set of 3" is welcome and counts as one egg.

If you're unsure about a particular design, send me a photo and I'll be happy to review it.


Before you ship eggs, please email-me-2016.jpg

 to let me know the number of eggs you are shipping,
so I'll be expecting them.

TO PACK the eggs for shipping, egg boxes and stands are welcome but not required. For eggs without boxes, just wrap each egg in a soft tissue or paper towel, taped around each egg, and ship in a sturdy box, with enough packing material (crumpled newspaper is fine) so the eggs don't bounce around.  Breakage is not an issue, so don't fret about packing.

I recommend insuring the package, as I cannot be responsible for lost shipments.

Please address package to:
Alan Traynor
4704 Grenville Ln
Orlando, FL  32821

Offer may be withdrawn at any time.  Acceptance of eggs will be at the discretion of The Egg Man.

email me:
phone me:  (407) 352-3654

Thank you! and I hope you'll take advantage of this offer!
--Alan Traynor, The Egg Man since 1991


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