A Hen for all Seasons

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Here I am painting at one of my appearances.
I'm the one on the bottom.
The one on top is Henrietta the Hen.
She's my mascot. But I guess you figured that out already!

I seldom go anywhere without Henrietta.
Except the bathroom. Nothing's more humiliating than standing at a urinal in a public restroom, and you realize you have a chicken on your head.

Henrietta likes to dress up for holidays. Perhaps you've seen us at shows or at Disney on festive occasions. In case you haven't seen Henrietta's special occasions get-ups, here are a few photos for you!

Sure and Begorrah!
Here's Hennie McChicken as she appears around March 17 every year.

(By the way, she HATES
when I call her McChicken!)

Everybody knows the Easter Bunny.

Well, here's the Easter Chicken!

 It's Santa Cluck!

Undoubtedly, Hennie's weirdest outfit was one Halloween at Cafe Tu Tu Tango. I went as The Masked Egg Man, and Henrietta went as as.......ME.

Now that's just disturbing.

Of course there are those
special occasions
when a hen
wants to look
her very best!

True story: Once while I was showing the eggs at Disney, a lovely lady leaned across my display table and whispered to me: "Do you know there's a chicken on your head?"
I whispered back, "Yes, someone else pointed it out earlier today, thank you. By the way, why are we whispering?"
And without missing a beat she said "I don't want to disturb the chicken."


This bird-brained fashion craze seems to be catching on!!


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