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Easter visit 2014

Well, we have.....time and time again! Why, I don't know!


Our lunatic friends from St. Louis, Dean and Bruce, decided years ago that they should
put on crazy get-ups when waiting for us to pick them up at the airport.
And here are some of the scary results!

The tropical vision above greeted us at the bench outside Passenger Pickup
in April, 2007. This time, our friends, Robert and Kathleen Brown, met us at the house to ride
with us to the airport because they wanted to see the foolishness for themselves.
Robert and Kathleen will be in therapy for a few more weeks.
Dean and Bruce have been thrown out of therapy many times.

Go ahead..........scroll down...........I dare you!




Feb 2006
Dean just had his prostate "seeded" with radiation.
Bruce just had his lobotomy!


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Fall 2005
They have waited so long to be picked up,
Bruce went bald and Dean grew hair!


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During one of their visits here a couple of years ago,
I innocently drove over a parking cone and dragged it
halfway home before discovering what was making a funny
sound under the car.
They thought that was SO funny!
So, the next time we picked them up at the airport
we were greeted with what you see below!

I shoulda dragged THEM home under the car!


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One of their airport get-ups was a tribute to Easter and TheEggMan!




Scroll down at your own peril. I've saved the worst for last!


Mind you, all of these photos were taken right at
the airport's bustling passenger pickup area!
Dozens of cars drive by every minute, not to mention
legions of travelers standing a few feet away, waiting to be picked up!


Dean got terribly ill on one visit, and at one of our favorite restaurants,
he had an unpleasant experience, volcanic in nature.
We remarked that next time we went out to dinner with them,
we'd have to wear plastic ponchos.
Next time we picked them up at the airport,
Dean and Bruce had evolved that innocent joke into this unforgettable tableau:












Dean's hair is....shall we say....de-parted in the middle.
So, he shaves his head on a regular basis.

Below is what happens when he doesn't shave his head.






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