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private commission one-of-a-kind custom eggs

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Just about anything can be painted on a custom egg!
The unique egg below was designed as a gift to a student
newly enrolled in a school of forensic science.






Who's your favorite artist? One collector loves Monet, and
asked me to do the painting above. (Two views of one egg)
I like to call it "Mon-egg!"




This "egg chair" (yes, it's actually called "Egg" and was designed by Arne Jacobsen)
is a favorite of two St Louis collectors who asked me to paint it on an egg.
Egg chair + Egg = natural combination!

Elf on a Shelf
(If the eggs weren't wood, I could call it "Elf on a SHELL")


A memento of a very special ascension over New Mexico.






One collector commissioned portraits of
two of her beloved Cocker Spaniels.


...and these two cuties:

LindaTucker_dogs_photo.jpg  Linda_Tucker_2_dogs.jpg

Below, two more families honor their special family members:



A special egg to honor an exceptional tennis player
(Two views of one egg)




El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park
(Three views of one egg)

A sweet little face, preserved forever:


Here is an egg I painted to specifications,
using photos of the bride's dress and the rose garden
that was to be the location for the upcoming wedding:

(front and back views)






Goodstone Inn, Middleburg, VA.
....commissioned by a frequent guest at the Inn
(Three views of one egg)

From a collector's photo of a thatched cottage
taken on a trip to Ireland
(Three views of one egg)






Park Plaza Apartments in St. Louis, MO
painted on a REAL ostrich egg





A memento of one young man's visit to Switzerland.


A year later, the same family asked me to paint
an egg from this photo of the same adventurous young man:
And the result is below:  four views of one egg.


 122812_Ferdi_proof_1.jpg                122812_Lacey_proof.jpg

122812_Porsche_proof_3.jpg                122812_Sophie_proof_4.jpg

31214_kidd_jake_proof.jpg                31214_Cooper_cat.jpg




Historic Campbell House in St. Louis, MO
(four views of one egg)


A memento of a grand trip to the Grand Canyon.
(four views of one egg)

This sweet thing is named "Honey."





Two views of a Boxer on both sides of one egg: younger and older




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The original Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor.


And yet another mermaid, below, in a completely different style:







A retired gentleman's pride and joy . Egg was a gift from his daughter.






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