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How many Egg Man eggs have you? 
Send a photo of your Egg Ma
n coll and you'll see it here!
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In December, 2020, collector Carole Tucker in the U.K. sent this photo of her
collection of Egg Man Christmas designs, going back to 1999,
when she first saw my work at one of the Disney resort gift shops.
Collector Kay Belin in Windermere, FL, displays one egg for each of the
six continents she has visited.  She plans to add a Penguin design
after she visits Antarctica.


Collector Catherine Carpenter
of Palm Coast, Florida,
sent this photo of her collection

in March, 2015.  Catherine and her husband Dean
have always loved the beach,
as evidenced by the recurring theme in her collection.


Longtime collector Amy Cheek of Greenville, South Carolina,

sent this photo of her collection in September 2013.
Amy says " It started with the purchase of the one with flowers
 on the front row middle while we were on vacation at Disney World
in 2005. Then the rest is History!"
As you can see, Amy likes "eggs for all seasons!"
Thank you Amy!


Above is the collection of Grethe Armstrong of Bloomington, IL.
Grethe loves blue (can you tell?) It must be her Danish heritage. Her collection of
GretheGranddaughtersEgg.jpgEgg Man Eggs, which she began in 2009,  includes my custom painting of the Little Mermaid in the harbor of Copenhagen. (The Little Mermaid Egg is just to right of center in the front row.) The five eggs to the right of the Little Mermaid are custom paintings from photos Grethe has taken on her travels to her favorite places.
The one egg in the photo which is not an Egg Man egg is the colorful egg in the lower left corner (also shown at left).  This is the creation of her granddaughters, who painted it in 2011 when they were 3 and 6.  Wish I'd started that young!!


easter decor

After Easter, 2010, St. Louis collector Joan Fiala sent me this photo of her amazingly creative annual Easter centerpiece, which has grown by the dozens over the years! And I can tell you, those are all Egg Man eggs! Joan figures she has been collecting my work for over 15 years. One week after Easter, Joan hosted a shower at her home, and she kept the centerpiece on display, announcing an "Eggstravaganza" on the invitations!


Speaking of the Easter season, Susan Bayer of Sarasota Florida has been collecting Egg Man Easter designs for a number of years. Not content with a traditional wicker basket on the coffee table, Susan displays her collection in this cuddly plush "bunny basket." Cute, huh?!

In 2011, at an art show in Anna Maria Island, Florida, Susan presented me (below) with this fabulous egg-sample of her own art. It's needlepoint -- petit point, to be perfectly precise (and Susan's needlework is just that: perfectly precise), with metallic gold threads, faceted jewels, and pearls stitched in. It hanges proudly in The Egg Man's foyer. Thank you Susan!


Here's a part of the collection of

Marianne Carpenter in Kingwood, Texas.


Marianne has this part of her collection prominently displayed in an antique mirrored shelf in her entry hall.

mari_powder_rm.jpgAnother grouping of Christmas-themed Egg Man eggs occupies a glass-front display case in her guest powder room for the Holidays (shown at left). Mrs. Carpenter has been collecting Egg Man eggs since 1991!





LONG time collector Diane Heath in St Louis has been collecting my work since 1991, just a few months after I started painting eggs! Diane's neighbor Terri Ems used to run the craft shows I did in St. Louis, and I would ship the eggs to Terri's house by UPS before the shows. While Terri was at work, it was Diane's job to keep watch for the UPS truck, and she would bring the package to her house to make sure it didn't get stolen from Terri's driveway. Diane's reward was that she got to pick first, and, she says, "therefore I have the best egg collection!  I have eggs in almost every room of my house - even the bathrooms - I change eggs with seasons, holidays, etc. - I even have them lined up along the back of my kitchen counter (Van Gogh theme - iris, ivy, leaves, etc.) so I can enjoy them while I am cooking. My husband John's computer room has Wild Bill, John Wayne, American Indian.  The rest of the rooms I change out for football and baseball seasons, Spring and Fall, holidays, etc.  So I have a lot of eggs - I quit counting at 83 when John asked me what I was doing.....and I didn't want to push it!"

Diane's granddaughters Kelsey (left, age 5) and Kaitie (age 8)  were visiting one day, and for something to do, Diane suggested they dust her eggs.  "They kept busy for the longest time - they dusted them and then had fun sorting them by color and holidays and made designs, etc. I was in the kitchen pleased that they were enjoying my eggs as much as I do (for different reasons)."

Obviously, this photo shows only a very small portion of Diane's eggstensive collection....look closely and you'll see more in the cabinet, and a couple on the sofa -- not to mention the ones displayed all over Diane's house!

Photo added March 2009




 nelke collection
This simple but effective display presents a small part of the collection
of St. Louisan Dolores Nelke, who decorates her home
as well as her office with Egg Man eggs.




Bill and Lisa Fales, of Old Bridge, New Jersey, have been collecting my work since we met at Solstice Gallery in Beach Haven, NJ, in August of 2007. As many of you know, I do not as a rule do custom eggs. However, for a couple of years, I offered one one-of-a-kind custom egg as an auction item benefiting Surflight Theater in Beach Haven, NJ, and in 2008 Bill and Lisa were the winning bidders of that auction item. They sent me photos of four of their favorite plush animals, and asked if I could paint them on an egg. It happened that they were planning to visit Disney in September 2008, and they arranged to come visit me at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, where I was doing an event during their stay, and pick up their prize egg. Pictured here is our reunion and the presentation of their custom egg, and four views of their egg featuring their four little friends. It was fun painting their special egg for them, and the proceeds helped a worthy cause!

Below is a photo of Bill and Lisa's collection as of March 2009:




Collector Bret Leonard of Joliet, Illinois, found out about Egg Man eggs around the end of 2006 from his sister Valery Steiner (herself a collector), who discovered my work around 2002 at a craft show in St. Louis, MO. Bret saw Valery's "Four Seasons" egg, and says he couldn't believe they were made of wood. Valerie showed him my website, and Bret has been an avid collector since then, his collection numbering 29 eggs as of February 2008. As you can see in these photos, his collection, displayed in a beautiful mirrored corner cabinet, and seen in closer detail in the photo at right, includes a variety of seasons and styles. And I believe he has an egg to represent all the holidays and special days of the year. Thank you Bret, for your support and encouragement. And thank you Valery, for showing my work to your brother!

March 2009: Bret's collection of Egg Man Eggs is now highlighted on the website CollectorsQuest.com. Click here to go there!





Collector Ann Sachse of Lake Mary, Florida, has been collecting my work since around 1997, since she and her husband first found me displaying at Disney's Dixie Landings Resort Gift Shop. Over the years, Ann and her husband have stopped by many times to see me at Epcot and other Disney locations, and Ann has collected many "eggs for all seasons". In September of 2008, Ann sent me this photo of her recently acquired Halloween designs.


St. Louis collectors Marilyn and Bob Missey and their daughter Beth
have been collecting EggMan Eggs for several years, and they have amassed quite an extensive collection!


Above is the collection of Beth, numbering 75 Egg Man Eggs in 3 custom made cabinets.
Below, five cabinets containing Marilyn's collection of 180 eggs.
(Scroll down to find where you can order beautiful custom cabinets just like these.)

If you happen to be in the market for a cabinet just like the ones holding the Misseys' collections, they are made by Bob Brown, a cabinetmaker who does craft shows in the St. Louis area. You may contact Bob Brown at (314) 631-2122. He does all kinds of cabinets, so I would think he'd build something to your specifications.
And tell Bob The Egg Man referred you!


In December, 2011, Beth Missey sent these two photos
of her Mom Marilyn's Seasonal Eggs,
on their entertainment center......


... and under their Christmas tree!



Maureen Perez of St Louis
has been collecting for many many years, both online and at my twice-a-year shows in St Louis.  She has put together the impressive collection above, and I THINK she may be competing with her good friend Kathi Moose (see below)!


St. Louis collector Kathi Moose
took these photos of her eggs-tensive collection in 2011.
Kathi has been collecting my work for years and years.



The group of EggMan eggs in the photo above, from February, 2007, have been collected by Barb and Jerry Willard of Haines City, Florida, since Easter, 2004, when they discovered me at Epcot's American Adventure. Jerry says some of their collection, totaling over 65 EggMan eggs, are not in the photo. Top center is the 4 1/2" Hanging Nativity Egg, which was Barb's surprise Christmas gift from Jerry in 2004. Disney regulars, Barb and Jerry are great people, and they frequently stop by and brighten my day when I'm exhibiting at Disney. Like the Hegertys below, they also buy many eggs as gifts as well as for their own collection. Thanks to these and all my collectors who make it possible for me to do what I love!





At left is the egg-stensive collection of Sandra Grenier of Dundee, Florida. It's obvious, Sandra has been collecting my work for many years, and now her niece Nancy Moschetti is adding to her Aunt's collection.

The collection of Ed Kotowski of St. Peters, Missouri

Below is part of the EGG-clectic collection of Ed Kotowski of St. Peters, MO.  It happens that Ed and I are OLD friends....in fact, Ed and I were classmates in Kindergarten, and all 8 grades of St. Margaret of Scotland School in St. Louis. 


HopalongKotowski.jpgThere's a lot of "Ed" in this grouping of eggs.  The nuns.....well, we were taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph.  There's the Gateway Arch on the blue egg, and of course Stan the Man Musial, from my Legends Series. (One of our grade school chums grew up to marry Stan's daughter!) As for the penguins, I guess Ed just liked them. While my favorite cowboy was Roy Rogers, Ed's a big Hoppy fan.    In fact, here's a photo of Hopalong Kotowski from his happy youth!




Above is the collection of
Wayne and Sue Hegerty, taken in February 2015, numbering 27 eggs.

At left is a photo of their collection sent in November 2010. Wayne has sent me many photos as their collection has grown. He has reminded me it all started with one birthday egg (the yellow egg on the left!) purchased in 1999 at Disney's BoardWalk Resort. Over the years Wayne and Sue have purchased their eggs from me at Disney, over the Internet, and at art shows. Of course, these photos do not include the many eggs Wayne and Sue have given as gifts!

 Shown below are five Easter eggs given by Sue to her goddaughter from 2001 thru 2005.
Thanks for many many years of support, Wayne and Sue!






New York-based rock artist Gavin DeGraw isn't technically a collector, but he is the owner
of three EggMan eggs, gifts to him from
Rhonda Jackson of Hunt Valley, Maryland,
who is admittedly an ardent fan of both myself and Mr. DeGraw (See the gift-boxed egg in the foreground of the photo above, presented by Rhonda to Mr. DeGraw after a concert in 2005.)
In fact, Rhonda has been collecting my eggs for years,
having first discovered my work at Disney World,
and now she and her sister and mother and the rest of the familiy
have become avid and loyal collectors.
Rhonda jokes she is the founder and charter member of
EggAnon, a 12-step program for people addicted to
collecting EggMan Eggs, and frequently proclaims:
"I can stop any time I want to...."

And below is a photo Rhonda sent me of her mother 's collection, Carole Altice of Boca Raton, Florida. Some, Carole has purchased herself. Many have been gifts from her daughters, Rhonda and Elaine.




Here's a small part of the vast collection of longtime collector Gail Egleston in St. Louis, MO. Gail bought her first eggs off the lid of my car trunk before my first St. Louis show in 1993. At last count, Gail has over 300 EggMan eggs. Why, Gail has designs I don't even remember painting! 

Gail is an accomplished watercolorist, and we have often exhibited in the same art shows in St. Louis.




Shown here is part of the extensive collection of collectors Dean Schmidt and Bruce Conley in St. Louis, amassed for this photo. Normally they don't display their collection like this, of course; normally it's arranged all over their beautiful loft condo in downtown St. Louis. Dean and Bruce have a spectacular loft apartment, and it is often included in the Downtown St. Louis Loft Tour.

Like Gail Egleston, Dean bought his first Egg Man egg out of the trunk of The Egg Man's car at O'Connell's restaurant in St. Louis, in 1992. Of that first purchase, Dean wrote "It is signed in black instead of gold and does not have a label on the bottom. Other favorites are the three depicting landmarks in Tower Grove Park, partly because we took the pictures for Alan and gave them to him when we visited Orlando. We have several numbered series eggs and one that is a one of a kind. We have the Globe, an Easter 'chocolate' in a fluted gold foil cup, many different flowers. We look forward to every time Alan and Jackie are in St. Louis so we can add to our collection."

As of October, 2012, their collection numbers 270 eggs, not counting a penguin family and a ghost family, and several eggs they hang on their Christmas tree! Below is The Egg Man's Wizard of Oz collection, displayed on a sleek shelf in their living room.




In December of 2010, Tom sent me this photo of his updated Christmas Egg Display"









Shown at left is a photo of the Egg Man Egg collection of Cindy and Sam Miller of Palm Harbor, FL. Cindy wrote:

Hello Alan,
Here is a picture of our collection of your eggs. The ones we have given as gifts of course are not shown. Not real sure when we started collecting, but it must be close to 5 years.

I know Cindy and Sam have purchased eggs from me at shows in Tarpon Springs, Pinellas, and Dunedin, Florida, as well as Epcot.

Once again, I express my thanks to all my loyal collectors,
whether your collection be large or small.
You make it possible for me to do what I love!

Email me a photo of all or part of your Egg Man Egg collection,
and I'll be happy to include it on this page.


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