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A few examples of how others see me,
and one example of how I see myself.
Orlando artist Greg Baird painted this image of Yours Truly painting eggs at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in Orlando, several years ago. Thank you, Greg! I love it!

A lovely Candy Artist at Disney's EPCOT named Miyuki makes fabulous sculptures in candy for Disney guests at EPCOT's Japan pavilion. At Easter, 2007, during my Epcot event, she surprised me with this wonderful six-inch high candy Egg Man! I didn't even know she was making it! She was simply amused by my wearing a chicken on my head, and "immortalized" me in marzipan!

Thank you, Miyuki!

I received this adorable EggMouse as a very special Christmas gift from longtime egg collectors Jerry and Barb Willard. They had commissioned it from good friends and fellow Disney Guest Artists, Karen and Ray Hill, who create a world of mouse designs under the name ATTIC MOUSE. This little guy is under 6 inches high, from hen-to-toe! And I must say, Karen and Ray captured every little detail, from my familiar plaid shirt to the straw under Henrietta the Hen. I understand Ray wanted to put the typical paint stains on the front of the apron, but Karen said "He can do that himself!"
For more information on Attic Mouse creations,
feel free to contact Karen at 321 286-0601, or email her at info@atticmouse.com
Thank you, Jerry and Barb!
Thank you Karen and Ray!

 Another talented Cafe Tu Tu Tango artist, Kathryn Flocken, is a world-class silhouette artist, creating silhouette portraits the classic way, using paper and scissors. Kathryn has published books on her art, travels widely doing demonstrations, and has been seen on CBS Sunday Morning in a feature on silhouette cutting. A few years ago, Kathryn took a piece of black paper and cut this wonderful likeness of me under Henrietta the Hen. Incredible!

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